Vol. 2 Issue 2 HIT

IHDE on the Street

Since the start of February, the Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) has conducted more than 35 clinic site visits to ensure the providers are receiving the highest value from their connection to IHDE. The site visits typically include the following:

  • Reviewing the connection build process with the clinics to learn what went well and what didn’t so IHDE can make improvements.
  • Verifying that the connections are working properly and ensuring the staff know how to access patient data from the IHDE clinical portal.
  • Providing additional training, as requested, and offering quick tips that other clinics have found beneficial to improving patient care.
  • Obtaining suggestions from clinic staff for future system functionality that would improve the IHDE services.

These visits have proven to be quite helpful for the participating SHIP clinics. Several have reported that the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that IHDE provides is beneficial. The providers appreciated the additional training and the ability to ask questions. And IHDE has taken the constructive feedback from the clinics and has been working to improve its processes. The future functionality suggestions from the clinics are also going to be used in helping IHDE prioritize future system development.

IHDE will be continuing these site visits, with the objective of visiting all SHIP clinics well before the end of the SHIP grant.

Vol. 2, Issue 1 HIT

IHDE on the Streets

As of December 2017, the Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) has begun to reach out to SHIP clinics to ensure IHDE services are meeting clinics’ expectations and to identify clinics’ primary uses and needs for participation with IHDE. Some of the participants who have met with IHDE include CEOs, medical directors, practice managers, IT directors, nurse practitioners, and nursing staff. Some of the discussion points have included:

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Vol. 1, Issue 7 HIT

Here’s a look at some highlights from 2017 and a preview of 2018.

Data Governance Workgroup (DGW)

Early this year, the SHIP Operations team met with the co-chairs from the Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) Workgroup and the Health Information Technology (HIT) Workgroup to form the new Data Governance Workgroup (DGW), which held its first meeting in May. The two other workgroups were disbanded.

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Vol.1, Issue 5 HIT

You’ll recall from previous newsletters that we’ve been working on launching the data quality improvement process. As part of that effort, we had planned to schedule site visits with the IHDE Data Quality Specialist. One of our first steps also involved performing internal data validation among our two vendors, IHDE, and HealthTech Solutions (HTS). This data validation has been productive in uncovering data gaps that need to be addressed before we’re able to work with the clinics on the analytics dashboard.  As a result, we’ve decided to postpone our site visits with clinics while we work to address the broader data gaps we have identified.

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