Vol. 2 Issue 2 PCMH

The SHIP PCMH Transformation Team has updated and enhanced the SHIP PCMH transformation portal to inform SHIP cohort clinics and to provide tools for tracking goals and activities to achieve PCMH recognition:

Three new virtual and online toolkits are now available: Clinics New to PCMH Transformation, Onboarding Employees New to PCMH Transformation, and Mentoring for Success. These toolkits are easy to access for clinics, employees, mentors, and mentees, and are designed to offer tools and resources for their PCMH transformation journey. The toolkits can be used for ongoing professional development and in curriculums for staff new to PCMH.

New features on the portal include: the Getting Started section – with Portal User Guides and quick “how to” videos on using the portal; Celebrate Success – a way for clinics to share PCMH success stories; Alert Notifications – to keep up with changes on the portal; a new Calendar feature – for clinics to list events and milestones to keep others informed and organized; and the new Discussion Forum – a collaboration site for clinics in the SHIP PCMH transformation initiative. SHIP makes available many tools and supports for helping SHIP Cohort Clinics make their PCMH transformation a journey of success! For information on the SHIP PCMH transformation portal, please contact pcmhid.team@briljent.com.


Don’t forget to register for the Cohort Three PCMH Learning Collaborative being held Wednesday, June 27 and Thursday, June 28 in Boise.

We’re expecting 160 attendees for this interactive event including SHIP Cohort Three clinic teams, Briljent and HMA, PHD and SHIP staff, and several invited guests.

Day One topics include: “PCMH Success Stories from the Field,” collecting data & patient engagement strategies from the State Evaluator Team, an IHDE presentation on the value of data & PCMH transformation, and an affinity group session on best practices of utilization of specific EHRs.

Day Two topics include: a sponsored breakfast by Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health, a multi-payer panel discussion, and break-out groups aligning with PCMH principles.

Registration is through the PCMH portal until the day of the learning collaborative. Information on the venue, hotel, and parking can all be found on the portal as well.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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